About fem-it®

Simple, Convenient & Discreet

It's a fact. As females we all experience periods that may be very inconvenient!

There are many times and places where it is just not easy to be menstruating, such as: visiting friends, doing business, exercising, exploring or travelling and even though it's not good for drains and sewerage systems, how many times have we considered flushing - just because it's easier? fem-it® don't flush it! Well now it's simple! You can feel confident  & comfortable about discarding your personal  hygiene products with ease and discretion. The fem-it® bag conveniently slips into your handbag, wallet or pocket. You can even keep your clean tampon or pad in the bag prior to use and when done simply place your used product into the bag, seal and then dispose of in the bin.

That means no more awkward or embarrassing moments when you need to dispose of your used tampons, pads or condoms.

About Us

We think it only takes one good idea to improve the way we live. That's why we are excited to share with you our new, easy way of disposal of your feminine hygiene products! It all started during a chat between girlfriends about a couple of "tricky" situations involving tampons!

Lively conversations continued, the research started and fem-it® was born. Simple solutions are often the best. Fem-It Pty Ltd is a vital, new Australian company based in Melbourne. Our sealable bags are the first of their kind, designed and manufactured specifically for this purpose. We believe we have created a great quality product that you will love using and can trust.

Available exclusively online at www.fem-it.com.au