My daughter had been "stashing" her used pads in her bag when staying with her father over the weekend because she was too embarrassed to use his bin! She now uses her fem-it bags and puts them in the bin when she gets home. 

Anonymous Mt Eliza

I am so thankful for the fem-it bags, our sewerage blocked and flooded the back yard on Christmas morning with 20 guests coming for Chrissy lunch! Now no more blocked pipes and plumber call-outs and costs. 

LB -  Hampton

I was recently in India and took my fem-it bags with me - don't know how I have survived all that travel previously without them!

Anna - Mont Albert

Dear fem-it, I love going to the Spring Carnival Races and it has always been a dilemma if it is that time of the month with those gross portable loos and nowhere to put your tampon, now with fem-it I feel much better about it and can discreetly put them in the bin, now my friends are onto it also and loving them.

Lucy - St Kilda

Living in a house with 2 teenage girls my 10 yr old son thinks they are great as now there is no more yukky stuff in the bathroom.

CB - Beaconsfield

Fantastic idea my daughter was too embarrassed to go on camp because she had her period, no problem now with her fem-it bags packed- no need to worry any more.  Thank-you.

RB - Beaconsfield

Thank goodness for this great new product, lots of information about how to use tampons and what happens with your period but no-one tells you how to get rid of your used tampons, thanks to fem-it for the answer!

RJ - St Kilda

I love using them, they have made my life easier!

JM - Ormond